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Screens Away, Time to Play!

A light-hearted

rhyming book

for ages 3-7 that shows the value of turning screens off

and encouraging other ways to play!

Us adults know that too much screen time isn't good for kids, but how do you explain that to them?!

brain on screens

Meet Kailan.

Hi! I'm on a mission to preserve play time for kids living in a screen saturated world. I make it easy for you to provide screen-free activities through my business Quiet Book Queen and Crafts in Between - whether it's quiet books, printed activities, or my four other published books with hundreds of activity ideas.

I'm a former teacher and mom of 2, and I love to use books as teaching tools and conversation starters. I've read a lot of research and books on screen time, and I just couldn't find a book that said what I wanted to say.

So I wrote it!

Kailan Carr

"I know it's hard to turn screens off. You see, they're made that way.

They're really irresistible; your brain says, "Stay all day!"

I get it! Screens are fun and they are a very useful tool.

But I want kids to understand there is so much MORE to life than the screens that draw them in.


"Magician, doctor, astronaut; play dress-up with a friend.
Go grab a stack of favorite books and read them ’til the end."

magician and reading

I also want to show kids all of the FUN you can have when screens are off!

Think of it as something you can refer back to when you hear those dreaded words, "I'm boooooored."

There are pages of activities to spark an idea! (And it also talks about how it's okay to be bored.)

"Activities like these are BEST for growing your smart brain.
Though screens can teach all sorts of things, the learning’s not the same."

I want kids to know their job is to PLAY!

So much growth and brain development happens in early childhood that are setting the foundation for the rest of their life.

And playing, reading, and connecting with others are the best things they can do!

lady bug

But, why Kickstarter?

I didn't want to spend years pitching publishers, and I also wanted full control of this project (I never had a say in illustrators in my previous books!), so I opted for the self-publishing route for this book.

But I am determined to make Screens Away, Time to Play as professional as can be so it can stand proudly next to all the other books on a store shelf!

I've already:

  • hired editors
  • hired my fabulous illustrator Rebecca Sinclair
  • hired a book formatter
  • found a printer

And Kickstarter is a way for you to pre-order the book, therefore helping raise the funds to get it printed in bulk!

It's also a way to offer very special things to all of my backers through the different reward tiers. You get to choose your level - from printable PDF activities to personalized illustrations (all including an autographed hardback copy of the book!)

There are even 3 spots for your child to be drawn in the book!!

But......there's just one thing.

It's ALL or NOTHING. I have to meet my funding goal to get the money. If I don't, I get zero dollars, zilch, nada. (You won't be charged until the last day of the campaign and ONLY if I meet the goal).

blocks and coloring

So, what's the plan?

I have 4 WEEKS to meet my funding goal. And boy do I have some FUN planned!

  • Early-bird discount pricing if you back the project in the first 48 hours after launch.
  • A SUMMER FUN gift basket drawing! (I'm having the best time shopping for it). You get an entry if you back the project in the first 48 hours and more for sharing about it! I will ship it to the winner right away so you can enjoy it in the summer days ahead.
  • A new prize drawing each week after - and all previous backers automatically get entered! I'm collaborating with some of my favorite other mom-owned small businesses. More info to come!

This special project has been in the works for over a year now. I would truly appreciate your support and partnership in making it come to life!

Get ready for the Kickstarter launch on May 23!

Screens Away, Time to Play!

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